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Our singular purpose is to connect you with the products, commodities and services you most value in the most efficient ways possible.

From gold bullion and diamonds to fine art, we pride ourselves on being able to connect you to the items you require in the volumes you demand.

CommoditiesThe Right Stuff

Some of the best investments available come from trading goods that defy categorization. Our commodities team is available 24/7 to source and acquire all manner of goods for you, whatever your needs.

From foodstuffs and sundry items to raw materials for industrial production, Apex has you covered.

PropertyDream Sites

Property is a cornerstone of any successful portfolio and we're experts at dealing with all the fuss so you don't have to.

Our experienced team has the right connections and knowledge to get you the property of your dreams abroad or at home. If you are in the market as a buyer or a seller, you can rest assured in our turnkey service.

GoldStability Is Precious

No matter if you're using gold as an asset, a raw material or as a gift, this most valued precious metal is difficult to come by. At Apex Advanced we take great lengths to make sure that difficulty is a non factor for our clients. We're currently trading in volume with the world's top suppliers to bring our clients what they want and deserve.


DiamondsShine Bright

We ethically source our stones from across the globe to be delivered to you on time and at better than market prices. Our clients demand the highest quality. Our knowledge and experience empower us to deliver on those standards.

Trading from our base in Dubai, we're happy to provide you with the best service available on the market.

Asset & Wealth ManagementFuture Proof

With decades of experience guiding high value individuals and organisations towards a prosperous future, Apex is perfectly positioned to help you make the most of your assets. Extracting the best value out of your portfolio can be difficult and risky even in a stable marketplace.

Luckily this is exactly the skillset that we can leverage for you whenever you need it.

Fine GoodsStatement Purchase

Our network can satisfy your fine art, designer goods and cultural commodity needs with startling speed and precision. Be it private sale, auction or import, Apex Advanced has your best interests covered.

Our days are dedicated to getting you what you really want and in the timeframes you really need them.

Gold, Diamonds and Oil Trading
Fine Art, Couture Goods, Commodities Sourcing & Trading
Property Sale & Acquisition
Wealth Management
Family Office Facilitation
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Apex Advanced was started by two finance industry veterans who saw there was a better way of doing business. Working day to day with high value clients, we saw first hand that many elite needs go unmet in this sector and resolved to provide a better product and service than anyone else.

With specialist skills in wealth generation and management, we're exceptionally well placed to understand our clients needs.

We are located in Dubai, trade worldwide and we have the network and connections to deliver on your orders with the expertise to facilitate the best deals. Dubai is quickly becoming the premier economic environment for this kind of business. Apex has developed as a vital bridge between Eastern, Western, African and European buyers and producers. No matter the time zone differences, we work to get deals done.

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